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I Love…..

Photography. Traveling. Reading. Shopping. Movies. Gadgets. Pictures. Editing….
Oh did I forget…Photography and pictures???

 My name is Tiffanie Page and I am a photographer in Birmingham, AL. I love shooting high school seniors, adult and young adult portraits, families, business headshots and different cultures. I love capturing personalities of individuals and families. I love showing the beauty of my clients. I love building relationships. To me I see Photography as my personal creative art where I can express my classical style and tastefully edgy  photographic eye in my work.


As a photographer I care about meeting you and everyone from all walks of life. I care about helping you to build a legacy so that as you travel through life, you can leave memories behind to be remembered by. I care about creating a photographic experience that will definitely be a memorable point in your life. I care about community through photography.

My love for photography is not just a love but an addiction. It is where I feel that I am truly myself and where I can shine. Photography is a never ending learning process. I began my journey of photography through classes at the Birmingham School of Photography. I then continued on through various workshops, constant self-study, and a heart driven determination.

 Please feel free to leave comments and thoughts….and don’t hesitate to book a session! I look forward to hearing from you :-)






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