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Family Portrait Photographer | Birmingham, AL


I truly appreciate the people who encourage me, support me, and love me for me! The Hawthornes  are truly one of my ALL time favorite families…they continually entrust their photos with me and I am truly appreciative of their encouragement, support, and love that they have for me and my business.

One of my favorite things as a family portrait photographer is being able to spend time with families and capturing each of the personalities that truly make them a unique family. This time was no exception. I had the opportunity to spend time with each one of this family…Miss Kennedy is a true model. She can pose to any mood that you want her too. Christian is a ‘Chocolate Drop’ (as his Aunt calls him)…and he knows it… Nicholas is an awesome role model and big brother to Kennedy and Christian…He has just graduated from Jacksonville State and is showing them the right path. The sweetest thing to see is the genuine concern of whether a wife his happy…and you always see that with Michael…If Rayna is happy…he is happy. Last but not least….Rayna….she pulls them all together with her sweet demeanor, thoughtfulness, and her drive…. The uniqueness of this family is definitely one of a kind!

I hope that you enjoy their session!


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Family Portrait Photographer Birmingham, AL

Family. Family is always there. You go through years of distance, you go through years of closeness…you go through happy times and you go through sad times….but all in all family is ALWAYS family. One thing I vividly remember as a child is Damian and Cole (Tamil) sitting at our grandmothers table on a Sunday afternoon with cups of super sweet red kool aid. If you knew my grandmother then you knew she basically poured the whole bag of sugar into the pitcher when she made her kool aid!…I believe I was 7 and they were a little older than me….Now why this memory always stays in my mind?…I don’t know. What I do know is that they have always been there. I am so very appreciative of the support that they show me in my business and the love they show me as family.

When family gets together….it is always a good time. One of my favorite parts of the session came at the end of the session. I was taking the typical ‘Mom and Dad’ shot, when I told Cole to give Damian a kiss on the cheek. Damian gave a shout and his face turned into the funniest grin (You can see the shot below in the post). It has been truly an awesome thing to see the love between these two over the many years. I can’t end this post without mentioning my little cousin Ian….The best way to get him to smile and laugh?? Tickle him on the sides….With that…Check out the below post to see that strategy in action! ENJOY!!

Family Portrait Photographer Birmingham, AL

12 years ago I started my first job. As you already know, starting a new job is just like starting your first day at a new school. You are nervous, you don’t know anyone, you are unsure of exactly what to do. For me, with this being my first job, I was extra nervous. As I arrived on that first day, one of the first people to make me feel at home was Delana. From that very first day she brought me out of my shell with her sweet spirit, thoughtfulness, inclusiveness, and motherly like personality. Since that time, we have been close friends. Over the years Delana has been very supportive and has always been there for me as great friend. So when that time of year comes for family portraits, I am overly excited.

Miss Adrea, the youngest, with all of her cuteness and sassiness came dressed to impress and with a personality that took over the lens. Mr. Donovan, the oldest, with his young maturity and cool swagger gave us a peek of the young man he will grow to be. Andre, the dad, kept them all in line and did his part for the camera. Delana, the center of the family and organizer kept us on track. This session, as they all are with the Frazier’s, was fantastic because after all the Frazier’s are truly like family. As you scroll through the images below, you will definitely see the fun we had during this session :-)


Family Portrait Photographer Birmingham, AL | Tiffanie Page | The Fraziers

Family Portrait Photographer Birmingham, AL | Tiffanie Page | The Fraziers

Family Portrait Photographer Birmingham Alabama[/caption]

Family Portrait Photographer Birmingham Alabama | The Foleys

As I drove to the college campus of the site location for the day’s shoot, I saw a mini van parked in the adjacent lot across from where I parked in front of the wide open field of the Deans mansion on Montevallo’s campus. As I made eye contact with Alisa and Michael…. the door quickly slid open and out bounced four of the most beautiful children that you can lay eyes on. The oldest and sophisticated Ms. Josephine, the middle and adventurous Ms. Mary Lois (AKA ‘Monkey’), and the youngest twins, Ruby and Lee. I quickly gathered my camera equipment, did a quick look around at my lighting options, and speed walked over to the van to greet the most down to earth family that you will ever meet….the Foleys. Once I made it over to the family, we all paused for a few minutes to say our hellos and began our trek over to where we would begin our session on the brick road that led to the deans mansion. As we began our short walk over I smiled to myself as I noticed the children’s sibling awareness and their individualities. The kids were all aware of each other in close proximity and at the same time they were aware of their indiviual space and their own paths to get to the first shoot location. During their family portrait shots the kids each showed their individual personalities as the ‘modeled’ for their self photos. Together they each showed their sibling awareness to pull each other in for their group photos so that I could capture the beautiful bond of a beautiful family. Below are images from our session….Enjoy!!

Family Portrait Photographer Birmingham Alabama

Family Portraits Birmingham, AL

I am so excited to share with you all a sneak peek of a recent family session….This family was truly beautiful in every way.  Stay tuned for the full blog post of the Brabson Family!




Family Portraits | The Singletons

This past Saturday I had an awesome family portrait session with the Singletons. We finally ended up with a day with absolutely perfect weather. I am so excited to share with you a quick sneak peek of their session. Stay tuned for a full blog post in upcoming weeks!



Family Photography | The Petix’s…Part 1

I was super excited to photograph Angela and her family. I met Angela at an event of a mutual friend. The first time we met, I could see how genuinely sweet she was. The second time we met and we spoke of a session, I was super excited.From the beginning she was super sweet, super kind, and super nice. When Angela told me of her upcoming marriage to Jeremy and what she was looking for in a session, I was overly happy to work with her to deliver a great experience for her and her family.

During the winter months, family photography sessions can be a little on the chilly side. For this session it was a chilly day but this family of 5 made it look like it was a mild spring day out. The fun thing about this session was the excitement amongst the family to be out taking pictures. The kids showed up and showed out. They could each easily be magazine models. I believe they were a few of the easiest kids that I have ever photographed.

This blog today is the blog of the family. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post to see what part 2 for this session was all about.




Family Portrait Photography | Birmingham, AL

One thing I have always been blessed with are wonderful co workers. The people that I have met throughout my career have been some of the greatest people ever. 9 years ago I started working at the second job in my career.  This is where I met the Foleys. The Foleys are hands down one of the nicest, sweetest, and fun families that I have photographed.  Not only that, but they have been one of my greatest supporters…and for that I am forever grateful.

Family Portrait Photography is special. Special because it allows you to connect with the family, have fun with the family, and create a memorable experience with the family. Our session was as I said… fun!! This family of 6 kept it fun and interesting. The twins Lee and  Ruby ultimately ran the show. Not only did they run the show but they were the absolute cutest in doing so. The older sisters Josephine and Mary Louis were  excellent helpers with the twins and went along with the show….or just did the older sister thing of looking the other way as the twins did their own thing. Alisa and Michael, kept them all in order. During the session it was fun hearing the family stories.

Over the years Alisa and Michael have watched me grow in my career. They have not only been co workers but friends. I absolutely love them all! I hope that you all enjoy the post below of their Christmas session.

~ Tiffanie



Birmingham, Alabama | Family Photography

Over 50 years ago my mom attended the same high school with Michael’s mom. With that said, photographing the Hawthorne family for their 2013 Christmas cards was a sentimental session that I overly enjoyed. The day turned out to be a very pretty and COLD day. Did I mention how cold it was? Well it was so cold that we ran to different locations to get the pictures for the Christmas card in :-). They did a great job of making the cold look like a warm winter day :-). I am very appreciative of the love and support that the Hawthorne’s so generously give to me and my business they are truly truly truly one of my favorite families.


Hawthorne Tiffanie Page Family Photographer

Birmingham, AL | Family Photography

This absolutely beautiful family is the family of one of my best friends. As always, I always have a great time with the Purdue family. They are the absolute nicest, happiest, kind hearted family that you will ever see. The highlight of this session came in two parts….the first was seeing the excitement as the boys were able to jump up and down on the bed. The second was watching ‘I Spy’ movies with them after the session :-) This family photography session was definitely a session that I can add to the list of ‘fun times’.One thing I always love is photographing my friends and their family.

~ Tiffanie

Purdue 2 By Tiffanie Page

Purdue by Tiffanie Page


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