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Yes, I already know I have gone a little overboard with excitement…but what can I say….Its always the little simple things that excite me. This past week was my first true apple experience where I joined in with what seems like the world on the highly anticipated release of the IPAD (3rd Generation). Up until this past year I was strictly a PC girl until I had the opportunity to try out the first generation IPAD. I must say that even though I told myself that I did not need this newest gadget (and at the time I even laughed at the name I-Pad…to me sounded like a feminine product…lol )I was quickly won over and amazed at this awesome tablet. So amazed that when rumors started flying around about the new specs, I would quickly run to read them and vowed that I had to have one!

So after per-ordering it on the day they announced it, tracking the shipment from China to Alaska to Kentucky and finally to my doorstep where I was waiting like a kid on Christmas day, I finally have the IPAD in my hands. I must say that the screen is absolutely, positively GORGEOUS and definitely lives up to the hype! Not only is the screen beautiful but the speed of it is off the charts! I cant wait to show future, old and prospective clients photos on it…hmmm I wander if they will be more amazed at the picture, the display, or both….. Either way, I cant wait to see.

So all in all, I am a photographer and a gadget fanatic. I hope that you all enjoyed!

Oh and last but not least…Special Thanks to my co -worker and also Photog friend Andy Crenshaw for snapping the photo of me with my handy Canon s100 at work during lunch yesterday :-) along with Saadia for taking the picture on the Ipad!

~ Bae

One of the things that I love the most about photography is the love and sense of family that the photography community brings. I mean it is really and truly a beautiful thing that so many people with one interest in common can come together to show each other love and support through congratulations on their up moments and through kind words and thoughts in their down moments. I have met so many wonderful people in this community and I love the fact that I keep on meeting so many wonderful people!

Last night I had the opportunity to see and meet  Jasmine Star as she stopped through Atlanta on her ‘The Fix’ tour. All I can say is WOW! And OMG!  The community of photography love was felt throughout the whole event. Jasmine was the coolest and funniest person ever. It was truly a treat to get to meet her in person to see how committed she is to helping our community of photographers through sharing her knowledge and things that she has learned to get to where she is today. She was totally down to earth and ‘real’…a regular home girl who loves her some AMEN!! :-) (Smiley Face!) …The one thing that I was overly impressed with in meeting Jasmine and listening to her speak was that she actually remembers her fans! I mean she remembers when you post on her blog, she remembers your name…she just remembers!!! Which that in itself is something I just ‘LOVE’ and truly appreciate!! So to Jasmine I must say…’You go Girl!!’

During the event and ‘The Fix’ experience I have met sooooo many cool people that I feel that my community of photographers has genuinely grown. I must say THANK YOU Jasmine Star for taking the time out of your schedule to come meet with us, share with us, and hang with us. Now after I have said alllll of this I can say from my heart that the four things that stand out for me the most from the event and that I will take with me everyday  on my journey are:

“Photography has finally given me a voice”

“If you can’t believe in your imagination it will never happen in reality”

“Don’t be tied to the way you’ve always done things”

“The moment you act like someone else is the point you become dissatisfied”

~Jasmine Star


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