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Several weeks ago I attended a dinner party, and to be honest….I did not know what to expect exactly.All I was sure of was that there was going to be good food there! When I got there, there was a set up of Watermelon water and White Wine Sangria’s….they were both so good and refreshing and as you can imagine the Sangria added an extra level of giddiness! As the evening went on we were introduced to Chef Deidra Moore who proceeded to show us all how to prepare a 5 star 3 course meal. Once we were ready to eat I was immediately impressed by the presentation of the food. The presentation was exactly as you would see in an upscale restaurant. Next came the taste test…..OMG! the food was magnificent. I thought I was going to hurt myself…literally lol! By the end of the night I can honestly say that I had so much fun learning to cook these dishes, I overly enjoyed the presentation by Chef Moore, and most of all I had a great time with friends!

At the end of the first dinner party Chef Moore and I put our heads together and came up with a plan for future work together on upcoming dinner parties and etc. So if you are looking for something new to do with your family and friends, a gift to give to a loved one, or a nice gesture to someone who may need a chef (i.e for a new mom when she comes home from the hospital, a new homeowner who needs help getting their kitchen together) be sure to contact Chef Moore (, follow her on twitter (@chefitupwithd ) and be sure to check back and visit her upcoming website at . She is extremely passionate and excited about food and willing to share her knowledge. Chef Moore is available for travel to your city.

This past weekend I had a blast shooting 2 of her dinner parties. Check out the below images of Chef Moore and her WONDERFUL dishes!!


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