Family Portrait Photographer Birmingham, AL

Family. Family is always there. You go through years of distance, you go through years of closeness…you go through happy times and you go through sad times….but all in all family is ALWAYS family. One thing I vividly remember as a child is Damian and Cole (Tamil) sitting at our grandmothers table on a Sunday afternoon with cups of super sweet red kool aid. If you knew my grandmother then you knew she basically poured the whole bag of sugar into the pitcher when she made her kool aid!…I believe I was 7 and they were a little older than me….Now why this memory always stays in my mind?…I don’t know. What I do know is that they have always been there. I am so very appreciative of the support that they show me in my business and the love they show me as family.

When family gets together….it is always a good time. One of my favorite parts of the session came at the end of the session. I was taking the typical ‘Mom and Dad’ shot, when I told Cole to give Damian a kiss on the cheek. Damian gave a shout and his face turned into the funniest grin (You can see the shot below in the post). It has been truly an awesome thing to see the love between these two over the many years. I can’t end this post without mentioning my little cousin Ian….The best way to get him to smile and laugh?? Tickle him on the sides….With that…Check out the below post to see that strategy in action! ENJOY!!


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