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Family Portrait Photographer Birmingham Alabama | The Foleys

As I drove to the college campus of the site location for the day’s shoot, I saw a mini van parked in the adjacent lot across from where I parked in front of the wide open field of the Deans mansion on Montevallo’s campus. As I made eye contact with Alisa and Michael…. the door quickly slid open and out bounced four of the most beautiful children that you can lay eyes on. The oldest and sophisticated Ms. Josephine, the middle and adventurous Ms. Mary Lois (AKA ‘Monkey’), and the youngest twins, Ruby and Lee. I quickly gathered my camera equipment, did a quick look around at my lighting options, and speed walked over to the van to greet the most down to earth family that you will ever meet….the Foleys. Once I made it over to the family, we all paused for a few minutes to say our hellos and began our trek over to where we would begin our session on the brick road that led to the deans mansion. As we began our short walk over I smiled to myself as I noticed the children’s sibling awareness and their individualities. The kids were all aware of each other in close proximity and at the same time they were aware of their indiviual space and their own paths to get to the first shoot location. During their family portrait shots the kids each showed their individual personalities as the ‘modeled’ for their self photos. Together they each showed their sibling awareness to pull each other in for their group photos so that I could capture the beautiful bond of a beautiful family. Below are images from our session….Enjoy!!

Family Portrait Photographer Birmingham Alabama


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