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I truly appreciate the people who encourage me, support me, and love me for me! The Hawthornes ¬†are truly one of my ALL time favorite families…they continually entrust their photos with me and I am truly appreciative of their encouragement, support, and love that they have for me and my business.

One of my favorite things as a family portrait photographer is being able to spend time with families and capturing each of the personalities that truly make them a unique family. This time was no exception. I had the opportunity to spend time with each one of this family…Miss Kennedy is a true model. She can pose to any mood that you want her too. Christian is a ‘Chocolate Drop’ (as his Aunt calls him)…and he knows it… Nicholas is an awesome role model and big brother to Kennedy and Christian…He has just graduated from Jacksonville State and is showing them the right path. The sweetest thing to see is the genuine concern of whether a wife his happy…and you always see that with Michael…If Rayna is happy…he is happy. Last but not least….Rayna….she pulls them all together with her sweet demeanor, thoughtfulness, and her drive…. The uniqueness of this family is definitely one of a kind!

I hope that you enjoy their session!


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