Family Portrait Photography | Birmingham, AL

One thing I have always been blessed with are wonderful co workers. The people that I have met throughout my career have been some of the greatest people ever. 9 years ago I started working at the second job in my career.  This is where I met the Foleys. The Foleys are hands down one of the nicest, sweetest, and fun families that I have photographed.  Not only that, but they have been one of my greatest supporters…and for that I am forever grateful.

Family Portrait Photography is special. Special because it allows you to connect with the family, have fun with the family, and create a memorable experience with the family. Our session was as I said… fun!! This family of 6 kept it fun and interesting. The twins Lee and  Ruby ultimately ran the show. Not only did they run the show but they were the absolute cutest in doing so. The older sisters Josephine and Mary Louis were  excellent helpers with the twins and went along with the show….or just did the older sister thing of looking the other way as the twins did their own thing. Alisa and Michael, kept them all in order. During the session it was fun hearing the family stories.

Over the years Alisa and Michael have watched me grow in my career. They have not only been co workers but friends. I absolutely love them all! I hope that you all enjoy the post below of their Christmas session.

~ Tiffanie




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